Autumn Mini Portrait Session | Omagh | N.Ireland

Child Portrait Northern Ireland

November went off to a flying start at the Gortin Glens Forest Park with the Child Portrait Sessions. It was mad busy but I loved every minute of it. I met 6 families during the session and spent 20mins with them create a bespoke and unique gallery of images. Each image was beautifully and carefully edited. I take such pride and time in my work and I am so pleased that the families have these images to cherish for years to come.


I will be launching the child portrait session on my website soon. If you are interested in investing in some beautiful photos you can contact me via my website. 

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child photography belfast

Well, my little business is ever expanding. I have now branched into Child Photography after attending an incredible workshop with Lisa McCormick. I think its important as a photographer to keep up to date with fresh new ideas from other photographers. You can always learn something new. The workshop took place in Belfast and we met two wonderful models in the Botanic Gardens. Since then I have been having my own little model sessions. I met two beautiful girls on Sunday in the Gortin Glens and had great fun with them taking their photos. If you are interested in one of the Autumn mini sessions please contact me via facebook or my contact page on my website. 

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When I first saw Emilia I couldn't contain my excitement over her beautiful thick brown hair. She was the absolute mini of her Daddy. Mum booked Emilia in for the full newborn package which included parent and sibling shots. I then got to meet her big sister Lilyanna who was the polar opposite the her baby sister. Gorgeous red curly hair and big blue eyes! Honestly the most beautiful girls ever. No wonder mum and dad were grinning from ear to ear. I loved working with this lovely family and creating their setups for little Emilia. 

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baby photography Northern Ireland

When mum sent me the stop motion animation of her little boy's name reveal and it contained the Back to the Future music I knew this session was going to be so much fun. I welcomed little Marty to my studio along with his big sister (who i appointed my assistant for the morning) Im not sure what is in the water at the moment but Marty had a full head of brown hair. There are two things that I love. 1. Hairy babies 2. Baby rolls.

Marty's mummy booked in for the mini shoot and we had such a variety in the gallery. I loved spending time with this family and hopefully I will see them all again next year. 

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Newborn Photography NI Lucas 11 Days Old

Lucas arrived at the studio 11 days old and he was such a well behaved little boy. Mum and Dad were super calm with their first born. It amazes me that parents get out of the house and look so well when they have just had a baby. They chose the full newborn session and requested creams and duck egg blues as their palette. I managed to do lots of different poses with Lucas, mummy/daddy shots and the lovely parents holding baby in the hands as featured. I look forward to seeing my work hanging in their home and I'm so delighted to have captured their beautiful boy. 

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Newborn photography ni Jasmine 18 days old

Jasmine was one the oldest newborn I had in the studio at 18 days old. I think it was the first time Mum hadn't heard Jasmine cry and even nicknamed me the 'baby whisperer' (getting that printed on a t-shirt!). But I firmly believe that its all about the wrapping, white noise and room temperature.  Jasmine was a total doll. Beautiful hair and flawless skin. I did 3 different colours in her mini session and tried her with different poses and a container shots. It was so lovely to meet Jasmine and her family. I'm so pleased that I captured this precious fleeting moment for them. xx

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Newborn Photography Northern Ireland

Sarina was only 13 days old when I met her at her home in Worthing. Mum was homebound for 5 1/2 weeks and couldn't make it to the studio so I packed up the car and brought the studio to her.  Sarina and her family made me feel so welcome as I took over their living room. Lots of beautiful natural light and lots of space for me to work. The images that I captured of Sarina are just beautiful. Lots of cream, yellow and peacock feathers. Mum added some personal touches to the set ups by adding parts of their wedding outfits, which i wrapped around Sarina. One thing Ill remember about Sarina is her beautiful long eye lashes!!


If you are interested in a home photoshoot please go to the contact me page on my website. 

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Newborn Photography Sussex

Brontë and her family arrived at the studio on a beautiful sunny day. Brontë and her two sisters stole my heart. Olivia and Flora her big sisters were giving her loads of kisses and cuddles- so adorable. I loved working with this family and the whole session was great fun. Brontë loved being wrapped and was very smiley during her session.  Brontë had a purple, pink & natural theme - with lots of lovely family photos too.  Im sure the girls were exhausted after their photoshoot and I bet they slept well. xx

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Now Officially An Award Winning Photographer

Award winning photographer

A month ago I decided to enter the Guild of Photographer's monthly competition. The standard every month is extremely high with the best photographer's in the business entering their work. 

Today I received notification that I have received two classified's and a bronze award for my image of 8 day old Ezrah.  This is the second time entering the competition so I'm over the moon that I got an award already.

Little Ezrah was wearing an outfit that I handmade for this photoshoot. Mum is an amazing artist and loves bright colours so this will hang proudly on her wall. Thank you little Ezrah for being the perfect model. xx



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Newborn photography Hove East Sussex

Sophie was 12 days old when she came in for her shoot. Mum loved everything girly and was over the moon with this sneaky peek. Sophie came in for the mini photoshoot which included 10 digital images and 3 different set ups. This image will be printed on large canvas for Sophie's bedroom by my incredible print lab. Make sure that when you book your shoot have an idea of what kind of product you might like. To book the mini shoot click here

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Baby photography near me

When I launched my mini sessions back in April, I ran a competition through my facebook page. Ethan's mummy was my competition winner and received a free mini shoot.  During the session I had planned 3 set ups for Ethan, starting with the potato sack pose and then moving onto the handmade wooden bed (as seen in the photo) All of my props are beautifully handmade by myself or carefully sourced from baby prop suppliers. Ethan is wearing a knitted hat made by my mum and wrap is from shootbaby


Once little Ethan was wrapped he was a super sleepy baby. When I unwrapped him for the posing bed shots he woke straight away but I managed to get some lovely awake photos of him with a beautiful handmade crochet blanket (supplied by mum) Mum and Dad received 10 beautiful digital images along with a bespoke slideshow to share with friends and family.

To book your mini shoot get in touch.

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Newborn Photography Worthing

Ezrah and her mummy arrived at the studio when she was only 8 days old. The little girl was a dream baby and slept through the entire shoot. Mum was anxious on how Ezrah would be and was relieved with my gentle handing and smooth transitioning from pose to pose. Little Ezrah's happiness was my number one priority throughout this entire shoot.


If you have just had a baby or are looking to get a photoshoot done. Please do get in touch

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Baby Photography Worthing Sussex

Just over 2 years ago I first met the Porter's, I was photographing their newborn baby boy, Hugo. What a joy to photograph he was! This family are just everything funny, warm and caring. I knew then they would totally nail it begin parents. Then they called me back to do their wedding in Brighton which was such a special day and I was so honored to be a part of it.

When I got the call to meet the newest addition to the family I was so excited to meet them all again. Mum is the most chilled out, caring person I have ever met and little Sebastian was exactly the same. I don't think he made a noise once!! At 4 weeks old he was alert but pretty chilled and by the end of the shoot he was fast asleep. 

G&J it was so lovely photographing your family maybe I'll see you again in another year or two ;) 

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Child Photographer Worthing

When photographing children you have to move fast as they don't have much patience. This 1hr mini shoot took place in the beautiful Sussex countryside at a location I discovered when I got lost on a bike ride.  You can get in touch now and book in your child mini session. Perfect time of year to capture your little ones. 

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Newborn photography Sussex

Some families have all the luck in the world and Carter's family is no exception. I mean look at these genetics gorgeous thick hair, sparkling beautiful eyes and creamy perfect skin. I could go on and on...

Carter is a little rocker at heart at only 19 days old. It took him a while to settle and not down to my soothing white noise but to his Dad's playlist including ACDC. I have to say how much more enjoyable it is listening to ACDC than white noise. I wonder would parents mind me listening to rock music in the future.  

Carter was in for a newborn mini shoot which is something that I will start offering as of April. Mum only wanted a few nice photos of Carter and this package was perfect for her. Her gallery consists of 10 images but I have included a few extra of her beautiful daughter. 

Please get in touch if you are interested in a Mini shoot. 


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Newborn Worthing Photoshoot

Luke was only 8 days old when he arrived at my studio in March and I was so excited to meet him and his family. His newborn photoshoot started off with some sibling shots. Luke was a perfect model pouting at the exact moment! Then I moved onto the posing bed and used a lovely duck egg blue backdrop and grey knits. As Luke was getting unsettled we decided to do more life style shots which turned out beautiful. 

Every baby is different and you just have to go with them. I often have Mum's and Dad's worried about how there baby will be during the session and honestly there is no need to worry. I have the patience of a Saint and I strive to capture the perfect image. 

If you need more details on what to expect during a newborn session please check out my website.



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Baby Photoshoot 100 days old

Gorgeous little Noah arrived at my studio with Mum, Dad, Granny and Grandpa. Little Noah had just turned 100 days old and in China the 100 first days is a traditional celebration that marks the end of the first 3 months of life for a new baby. The traditional Chinese believe that the first 100 days is when the baby and mum are most vulnerable to the elements, so they were advised to stay indoors to avoid illness. Red is also featured throughout the celebration so I couldn't resist putting little Noah in this red wrap and hat, he looks like a wrestler/tibetan monk. 

It was such a fun morning with Mum and Dad so excited to see all the different props and really get involved in the whole process. My studio is small but we managed to fit the whole family in. Two hours later I had taken all the poses I had planned and Noah was a total angel. Mum and Dad were delighted with the results and I hope to see the beautiful Noah again. If you would like to book a baby photoshoot just head over to my website or contact me via email

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New for 2018 | Client Referral Scheme| Worthing Photographer

Client Referral Scheme

Brand New for 2018!


I am very lucky to have worked with so many lovely families all over Sussex over the past few years. I recognise that as a small business, it's through the kind endorsement and support of my clients just like you, that I will grow and flourish. And so by way of a thank you, I am introducing my newborn & baby photography referral scheme. 

How does it work? 

As a current client, any new client that you recommend to me will receive £20.00 off a full priced session and a complementary print worth £30.00. They just need to mention you when booking. 

And furthermore, as a thank you to you for referring your friends and families to me, you will receive £20.00 off any session and a complementary print worth £30.00 for every new client that you introduce. There's no limit to have many vouchers you can earn either - happy days.


If you have friends or family who you think would benefit from my newborn and baby photography services then pass on this message. 


- Claire



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Some babies are just born models. I think Millie is one of those babies. Once she got settled into her new surroundings. She was incredible! Mum was amazing too, on hand to be the baby spotter when doing the potato sack pose. This image had Mums hand supporting baby at all times and then magically taken away with Photoshop. Millie was my first little baby in my new studio. (Thank you for Christening it too Millie ;) ) I cant wait to show mum her collection and hopefully see Millie and maybe her big sister Jessica some day soon. 


xx Claire 

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Studio Opening | Claire Butler Photography | Worthing| Sussex

Worthing Photography Studio

When I decided to start a photography business 3 years ago I never imagined that I would be opening my own photography studio. Originally our garage which was such a dark space full of clutter has now been transformed into a cozy, bright and clean space. My first little baby is arriving on Thursday to test out my beautiful space. I cannot wait to try out all my new props and clothes I have made for this session. The month of February is now full and March is filling up fast. Don't forget to book in your session by going to my website and clicking on pricing to see my different photography packages. 



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