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Abel 3 Months Old

When I first met this gorgeous blue eyed boy he was just 3 months old. Abel was great on the day and posed at all the right moments. My favourite image is the one of his incredible eyes! No matter how old your babies are its all about capturing a moment so that you can keep forever.  I took plenty of photos of Abel and captured lovely ones of Mum and Dad too. 



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Ted 8 weeks old

Ted was 8 weeks old when he came in for his photoshoot. His mum mentioned that he had just started smiling the day before. I was in for a treat, what a gorgeous smile it was and non-stop too, a photographers dream. Here are some of my favourite photos of Ted. 



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Flynn 17 days old

Flynn was only 17 days old when I met him and he was so adorable. The perfect sleeping little baby. I love his little suit and bow tie such a cute wee man. Here are my favourite shots of him. 




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Mhegan Jo 9 weeks old

This photo session was a real pleasure, since I photographed her mum when she was pregnant with Mhegan Jo. 

Baby Mhegan Jo was an absolute joy to photograph! She was very friendly, and happy to change her outfit several times for different looks. At this age, babies who are a few weeks old are pure joy — they stay where I put them, and they show their own little personalities!



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Max 10 days old

I absolutely adore baby Max. He is the sweetest baby ever and his parents are just some of the kindest people I have ever met. I loved meeting his older brother and their little dog Tequila. 

Here are some of his adorable images.



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Yvaine 8 weeks old

It’s time for the second of this week’s baby blog posts, I think I’ll be retouching baby skin in my sleep by the end of the week! I always edit newborns with a smile on my face though, who couldn’t when they’re so cute! This little girl is no exception at eight weeks old, baby Yvaine was lovely and content, watching me with her beautiful big eyes and flinging her arms all over the place! Here’s a little preview from her photoshoot. 



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Monty 17 days old

It’s always such a privilege to be asked to photograph a new baby. Back in February I had the pleasure of photographing newborn baby Monty. Here are a few of my favourite photos from his first photoshoot – I love the inquisitive look in the second one. 



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Halle turns One

This was the most fun that I have had on a photo shoot in such a long time. This gorgeous little girl was just full of smiles. I so delighted to have found such an amazing cake maker thank you LoRanCakeCo. 



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Rebecca (Bex) 37 weeks pregnant

Bex was so stunning as she arrived at my studio. I couldn't believe she was 37 weeks pregnant her bump was teeny tiny. The odd time Bex had to stick her bump out a bit just so we could capture that beautiful shape.

It was difficult to choose from so many great photos. I loved her energy on the day of the shoot we had great fun. From freezing our backsides off in the garden to capturing her beautiful bump relaxing on the bed.

I’m looking forward to meeting Bex's new addition. Bet he will be absolutely gorgeous just like his mummy. 



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Evie Mae 1 Year Old

It has been a busy couple of weeks for photo shoots in Brighton and perfect timing with all the spring blossoms blooming and an early heatwave! 

Today was very exciting as I had my competition winner Evie Mae attending her first photo shoot at Butler studio. It was my first time meeting Evie and all I will say is.. wow.. those big brown eyes! She was such a dream to work with and loved playing in my garden. The cake was made by Evie's granny and it was incredible! I even got to taste some. 

Evie wasnt sure so on the whole cake smash but I still got some beautiful photos of her. I loved the entire shoot and I hope mum and dad like the photos of their wee model Evie. 



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Easter Newborn Photoshoot Competition


Spring is in the air. I have bought some beautiful fabrics and props and I'm just dying to try them out. So I have decided to launch my Spring competition. The lucky winner will be announced this Wednesday at 12pm.

The winner will receive the following:

  • Up to 2 hour session time from my home studio.
  • Use of unique props
  • All photos taken on the day sent via DropBox 
  • Custom editing of up to 20 photos
  • All files will be uploaded into a private DropBox folder

All you have to do it like my facebook business page and comment on the post. You are more than welcome to share the post too! 

Good Luck Everyone!

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Baby Ruby and Big Sis Robin

Sweet, sweet baby Ruby! Your newborn session was divine. Proud parents Hannah and Paul invited me to their home in Brighton for an in home newborn photography and family session. It was filled with light and overflowing with love! There are a million and one reasons why I love photographing newborns and their families at home – but my favourite reason is that I have the opportunity to include personal and meaningful details into the photographs. I loved being at this wonderful family’s home with them as I photographed moments that only last for that short and sweet newborn time. 

I also had the opportunity to photograph big sister Robin and she was great fun. She was a dream to photograph if she would sit still long enough. I managed to capture her enjoying delicious cupcakes and giving her new baby sister plenty of kisses. 

As a parent, I know how fast and chaotic bringing home baby can be! I love giving parents the chance to check ‘newborn photography session’ off the list – way before baby even arrives! If you’d like to chat about which session or package would be perfect for you — send me a little email we will make your newborn photography session amazing! 



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Happy Mother's Day




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BBC Baby Beauties

As some of you know, I was very fortunate to take part in a BBC Inside Out Sussex Film about fertility and babies. The whole process was really exciting.

They wanted to film me taking photos of newborn babies, so they could use it in their film. I was lucky to get three fabulous babies to take part, twins girls Lily-Mae and Ava-Rose and baby boy Fynne. Although stressful, I was pleased with the results from the shoot and both parents were over the moon with their photos. Here is a sneaky peek of the babies. 




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Fynne 17 days old

Today was an exciting day, I had back to back photoshoots and was being filmed by the BBC for an Inside Out Sussex film, featuring three beautiful babies.

The below photos are of one of the babies Fynne who was just wonderful. I know I say this every time, but God I love my job. Not a peep out of this little man, until of course I tried to put him in the basket. He was having none of it. No one puts baby in the basket.

I got some beautiful shots of him from being so cool in his tux to nestled in some nice chunky knits.

I want to say a special thanks to mum for letting this little man be part of something special and I hope she is happy with the images that she will cherish forever.

Tomorrow I will post the twin photoshoot with two incredible little girls.

Love Claire Butler



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Ruby 6 weeks old

Baby Ruby was just 6 weeks old when I was fortunate enough to capture some beautiful shots of her.  From natural shots with those beautiful big blue eyes to dressing her up as a princess. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time in her home, meeting Coco and Pugsy (the dogs) and photographing her big sis Robyn. 

Here is a tiny glimpse of her first baby photo shoot.



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Little Lukas Newborn Photoshoot

Those first days with your newborn is such a special and memorable time. These are your first moments of parenthood, and they are priceless!

I was very fortunate to capture some beautiful images of Lukas at just a few weeks old. He was a dream to photograph and slept through most of the shoot.  I love this series of little Lukas he looks so peaceful in all of his shots. I am looking forward to seeing this little man again when he is a little older.




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Hugo 11 days old

What a brilliant start to the year, every day has been so busy with photo shoots but this one was particular special as it was my first shoot in Seaford. I was so honoured to meet such a gorgeous family, I wanted to take Hugo home with me what a dream baby. What I loved about Hugo was his choice in music from Pavarotti to Disco. I was amazed at how relaxed he was for the session too, every now and again letting me see his stunning navy eyes.

Mum and Dad were just brilliant and not afraid to try different poses, which hopefully they will like. My only regret was having to leave I could have spent the whole day taking photos but I think when you reach over 200 images I think that enough. Here is a sneak peek of the shoot I’m delighted how it turned out even with the over cast on the day. Hopefully Mum and Dad will love them as much as I do. 


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Ethan 4 1/2 weeks old

This sweet baby boy arrived at my home on a very cold Saturday. I was delighted to see that he was so calm and alert!  He really was a superbaby on the day. He  tried on different outfits from the hungry caterpillar to Father Christmas each one as adorable as the next! I was able to capture gorgeous awake newborn portraits as well as some artistic, modern sleepy newborn portraits. He was a photographer dream and I loved spending that time with him. Mum and Dad a happy with the shoot so here's a sneak peek. 



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Amelia's Cake Smash

Finally got around to putting my photos up of Amelia's cake smash (practice run). All photo shoots are different, this one was particularly difficult as Amelia just wanted to crawl all over the place. She wasn’t one bit interested in the balloons or the giant cake. She just wanted to eat the backdrop which was made out of paper. (Her favourite food)

As a photographer you have in mind the perfect images that you want to shoot but toddlers are unpredictable and often you just have to go with what they are in the mood for. The below images are my favourite shots. I made the cake myself and was really happy with how it came out. It will be the same cake that I will make for her actual first birthday. Let’s see what kind of shots I will get on that day.


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