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Family Beach Photoshoot

These are the kind of photos you will cherish forever. I love capturing close family moments like this, that's why i recommend parents getting involved on the day. This was a location shoot in Rottingdean, East Sussex, both in their home and on the beach. We were very fortunate with the weather not like today. 

Polly, Tommy and Teddy ❤️





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Maxi turns one

It was so lovely to meet Maxi today. He is such a character. He was cracking all the smiles for Mum and Dad and what a beautiful smile it was too!. Maxi started off his photo session with a cake smash, then he needed a bath (he needed it, he was covered in blue icing), following by some lovely portrait shots with his Mum and Dad. I love it when photoshoots have a bit of variety to them and this shoot certainly had that.

It reminded me so much of his Mummy's maternity photoshoot, she was up for trying anything too! It was really difficult to choose which images I wanted you to see but I decided to go with these.





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Abel 3 Months Old

When I first met this gorgeous blue eyed boy he was just 3 months old. Abel was great on the day and posed at all the right moments. My favourite image is the one of his incredible eyes! No matter how old your babies are its all about capturing a moment so that you can keep forever.  I took plenty of photos of Abel and captured lovely ones of Mum and Dad too. 



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Ted 8 weeks old

Ted was 8 weeks old when he came in for his photoshoot. His mum mentioned that he had just started smiling the day before. I was in for a treat, what a gorgeous smile it was and non-stop too, a photographers dream. Here are some of my favourite photos of Ted. 



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Model Call

Looking for newborn girl (0-3wks old) to model some new props and clothes for my website and portfolio.
Shoot will be £75, a SAVING of £75 (newborn shoot usually £150) and the gallery will come with 10 digitals included. Must be available either 8th or 9th JUNE.

You will be welcome to buy more digital images from the gallery if you wish but that's totally up to you. Please message below and don’t forget to let your friends know.



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Mhegan Jo 9 weeks old

This photo session was a real pleasure, since I photographed her mum when she was pregnant with Mhegan Jo. 

Baby Mhegan Jo was an absolute joy to photograph! She was very friendly, and happy to change her outfit several times for different looks. At this age, babies who are a few weeks old are pure joy — they stay where I put them, and they show their own little personalities!



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Fynne 17 days old

Today was an exciting day, I had back to back photoshoots and was being filmed by the BBC for an Inside Out Sussex film, featuring three beautiful babies.

The below photos are of one of the babies Fynne who was just wonderful. I know I say this every time, but God I love my job. Not a peep out of this little man, until of course I tried to put him in the basket. He was having none of it. No one puts baby in the basket.

I got some beautiful shots of him from being so cool in his tux to nestled in some nice chunky knits.

I want to say a special thanks to mum for letting this little man be part of something special and I hope she is happy with the images that she will cherish forever.

Tomorrow I will post the twin photoshoot with two incredible little girls.

Love Claire Butler



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Ruby 6 weeks old

Baby Ruby was just 6 weeks old when I was fortunate enough to capture some beautiful shots of her.  From natural shots with those beautiful big blue eyes to dressing her up as a princess. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time in her home, meeting Coco and Pugsy (the dogs) and photographing her big sis Robyn. 

Here is a tiny glimpse of her first baby photo shoot.



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Hugo 11 days old

What a brilliant start to the year, every day has been so busy with photo shoots but this one was particular special as it was my first shoot in Seaford. I was so honoured to meet such a gorgeous family, I wanted to take Hugo home with me what a dream baby. What I loved about Hugo was his choice in music from Pavarotti to Disco. I was amazed at how relaxed he was for the session too, every now and again letting me see his stunning navy eyes.

Mum and Dad were just brilliant and not afraid to try different poses, which hopefully they will like. My only regret was having to leave I could have spent the whole day taking photos but I think when you reach over 200 images I think that enough. Here is a sneak peek of the shoot I’m delighted how it turned out even with the over cast on the day. Hopefully Mum and Dad will love them as much as I do. 


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Christmas Newborn photo shoot


 Get in there just in time for Christmas! Only a few dates left so get booking. The photoshoot will include the following. 

  • Up to 3 hour session time
  • Use of unique props
  • Over 100 photos unedited for you to choose your custom editing
  • Custom editing of up to 20 photos
  • Photographers time & talent
  • Files will be uploaded into a private DropBox folder

The photo shoot can either be done from my home or I can travel to your home. I currently work in the Sussex area only however a small charge will apply for outside Sussex. 


All of this for £120.00. A perfect gift for a loved one that you can cherish forever. 

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Ethan 4 1/2 weeks old

This sweet baby boy arrived at my home on a very cold Saturday. I was delighted to see that he was so calm and alert!  He really was a superbaby on the day. He  tried on different outfits from the hungry caterpillar to Father Christmas each one as adorable as the next! I was able to capture gorgeous awake newborn portraits as well as some artistic, modern sleepy newborn portraits. He was a photographer dream and I loved spending that time with him. Mum and Dad a happy with the shoot so here's a sneak peek. 



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Amelia's Cake Smash

Finally got around to putting my photos up of Amelia's cake smash (practice run). All photo shoots are different, this one was particularly difficult as Amelia just wanted to crawl all over the place. She wasn’t one bit interested in the balloons or the giant cake. She just wanted to eat the backdrop which was made out of paper. (Her favourite food)

As a photographer you have in mind the perfect images that you want to shoot but toddlers are unpredictable and often you just have to go with what they are in the mood for. The below images are my favourite shots. I made the cake myself and was really happy with how it came out. It will be the same cake that I will make for her actual first birthday. Let’s see what kind of shots I will get on that day.


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Jack and George's Photo Shoot

Just finished Jack and George's photo shoot and I'm so happy with the results. I wanted to make sure that I kept them as natural as possible.  

Let me know what you think. 




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Edit: Jack & George's Photo shoot

What a fantastic day I had with twin boys Jack and George. The boys were amazing and both had such different personalities. I started the the shoot by taking photos of blue eyed George, who was a right cheeky chappy. I think he loved all the attention which made chatterbox Jack a little jealous and he was dying to get up, to get his photo taken. I loved Jack's little excited expressions and he was chatting and wiggling away, so a fast shutter speed was a must for him.

Mum Laura was a total super star, I really admire mums with twins, I honestly don't know how they do it. 

I took photos of each boy individually, then together which they didn't like very much as they kept banging off each other. Then it was mum's turn and we shot some nice mirror images with each boy. Just enough time for some outdoor shots, followed by the boys in their Arsenal tops. Phew! I was exhausted but  enjoyed every minute and cannot wait to see the boys again. 

Here is a sneak peek of the handsome boys.  


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A moment captured

What a wonderful day in the sun, I enjoyed every minute of it with my little girl. We had a lovely picnic on the beach and had fun playing in the garden. 


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Amelia 8 months old

A little peek into my photo shoot with amazing Amelia. What an fantastic little girl, I enjoyed every minute of this photo shoot. She was great fun and didn't complain once, even when she was attacked by lots of bubbles. 

Amelia had a great time playing with bubbles, listening to her mummy singing 'row the boat' and being pushed on the swing in the park. A really fun photo shoot which most importantly Amelia enjoyed. 

What made this photo shoot even more special is that Amelia shares the same birthday as my own little Amelia. I have some beautiful shots for her mummy and daddy which I know they will be delighted with. 



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Arley 12 days old

What a fantastic day in Haywards Heath I couldn't have asked for a more perfect photo shoot with such a fabulous couple and the amazing Arley. 

Arley at only 12 days old was a pleasure to photograph I think I only heard him cry once. I took over 300 photos from his cowboy hat photos to his little feet enclosed in mum and dad's hands, I have a wonderful collection of beautiful images for mum and dad to go through. 



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Amelia 8 months old

What an energetic baby, at 8 months old she she never stops wriggling. At least I got to try out my new backgrounds and I'm really pleased with them. Cant wait to try them out properly tomorrow morning. 


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Eliza 8 months old

What a brilliant day with this gorgeous little girl. She's on the move now at 8 months old so I had to be quick with my camera. I managed to get some lovely shots for her mummy. 

She has such a fun personality from her toothless grin to her cheeky monkey noises, I enjoyed every minute taking these shots. 



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