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Edit: Jack & George's Photo shoot

What a fantastic day I had with twin boys Jack and George. The boys were amazing and both had such different personalities. I started the the shoot by taking photos of blue eyed George, who was a right cheeky chappy. I think he loved all the attention which made chatterbox Jack a little jealous and he was dying to get up, to get his photo taken. I loved Jack's little excited expressions and he was chatting and wiggling away, so a fast shutter speed was a must for him.

Mum Laura was a total super star, I really admire mums with twins, I honestly don't know how they do it. 

I took photos of each boy individually, then together which they didn't like very much as they kept banging off each other. Then it was mum's turn and we shot some nice mirror images with each boy. Just enough time for some outdoor shots, followed by the boys in their Arsenal tops. Phew! I was exhausted but  enjoyed every minute and cannot wait to see the boys again. 

Here is a sneak peek of the handsome boys.  


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